Website design and development

From web site design to dynamic website development, Burnett Communications provides Birmingham Alabama small businesses with professional custom web sites.

Web design, Domain, Hosting, Favicons, SEO, and Dynamic menus.

Logo design, Flash, E-Commerce, Blogs, Photo galleries, and Email marketing.

Every web site includes:

Web design

Yahoo! WW Game Birds The University of Alabama The Postmen The Fred Smith Group Successful Events Plus Pretty T Shirts David Mitchell Photography ANB Insurance Services

Here are some sites from our portfolio.

Domain name and email setup

We will setup your own custom domain name such as

In addition, you will also have your own personal email addresses, such as or

We will even help setup your email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to receive your new email.

Because no professional should have an or email address on their business card.


Hosting refers to a server at a remote location that stores all the files on your web site.

Our web server offers 99.9% uptime, Cold Fusion support and more at a great value. We even provide you with your own control panel where you can add email addresses, view site statistics and much more.

Control Panel

You will receive your own control panel and 30 minutes of free monthly maintenance from Burnett Communications.

As a way to say thank you for hosting with us, we provide 30 minutes of free maintenance every month. Whether you want to change some text or upload some new photos we'll gladly help - free.

For complete information about our hosting packages, please see our hosting page.


Favicons, or "Favorites Icons", are small images of your logo that appear in the following locations (depending on your browser):

  • The address bar
  • Next to your Favorites (or Bookmarks)
  • In tabs (If using Firefox or Safari)

Internet Explorer Favicon

Our Favicon appears in the address bar and tab bar in Internet Explorer 6.

Firefox Favicon

Our Favicon also appears in the address bar and the tab bar in Firefox.

Search engine optimization

We will submit your site to all the top search engines so your customers or potential customers can find you fast. We'll also customize the code of each page to include keywords of your business that will help get you to the top of search results. Our clients consistently rank in the top five for their primary search phrase and are usually number one.


We'll make sure that people can find you on Google and all the other major search engines.

Dynamic menus

Our dynamic menus add an unprecedented amount of interactivity and engaging navigation to your new web site.

Our dynamic menus quickly and easily guide your visitors.

Additional options include:

Logo design

If you want to reinvent your brand, or don't have a logo, we can design one for you.

  • Blowing Rock
  • Burnett Communications
  • Extreme PC
  • SOK
  • The Plank Center
  • WVUA 23
Thumbnail panels:
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Here are some logo designs.

Flash animation

Flash allows for animation and video on the web.

Here are just a few ways we can use Flash:

  • Animated header bar
  • Slideshow of products
  • Ticker-tape banner with important info

Here's one example of a Flash animation.

Flash video

In addition to animation, Flash also allows for high-quality video on the web. If you would like Flash video, we will come to your place of business and record the footage, then edit it and upload it to your site. A few ideas are:

  • Video intro from the owner
  • Employee featurettes
  • Customer testimonials


If you would like to sell your goods or services online then you need an E-Commerce site.

Burnett Communications makes this overwhelming task simple.

For complete information about our E-Commerce solutions, please see our E-Commerce page.


Here are three ways a blog can help your business:

  • They offer fresh content on a daily, or at least a very regular, basis.
  • They present an informal voice that visitors can respond to and get to know.
  • They provide useful information via links.

Be sure to check out Burnett Communications Station.

Burnett Communications Station

Photo galleries

Whether you want to feature a photo gallery of your products or your latest event, we will add your images (or capture them ourselves) to your new site. Our photo galleries are created with attention-grabbing dynamic HTML.

For a demonstration please visit our graphic design page.

Email marketing

We will create an email newsletter program that motivates customers and prospects to sign up for your emails and respond to your messages, allowing you to:

  • Sell more products and services
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attract new customers to your products and services

We hope this information helps to explain our services in plain English. We would be happy to describe what we can do for your business today.

Be sure to contact us for your free consultation!

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